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by | 28 Jul 2022

The TCZ online shop is live!

Dear members

There is great news! Our online shop is live! From now on you can buy our cool and functional TCZ dresses online.

Check it out now, a new Shop button has been added to the left menu on our website. Or follow this link: https://tcz.ch/shop/.

You can have the items sent to your home or choose "Pick up in training" - this would then be coordinated with me separately, as well as any desired fittings. If you notice something that we can improve about the functionality of the shop, please let us know 🙂

It is particularly important that setting up the shop was an excellent team effort! The TCZ can develop further because the members are numerous and committed to helping where they can. That's what makes us as a club, we can be extremely proud of that! In this case, Peter Belcak took over the complete setup of the shop - a thousand thanks for this great commitment and for always answering my endless questions in a great way. Our webmasters Fabio Keller and Jost Joller provided advice, Pat Aylward was responsible for the correct calculation of the prices and the integration of the payment function. As good as Axel Kunze is in his current job, his true calling is photography! Thank you Axel for the excellent shots of our dresses! This would not have been possible without our volunteer models: Thanks to Charlotte Klausen, Hannah Nelson, Emiliano Ventura and Luca Atunno.


Ann-Katrin Kuzmenko