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by | 8 Aug 2021

Experience report on the training weekend on the Sursee campus

Last weekend 19 TCZ and triathletes enjoyed a fantastic, very sunny and naturally strenuous training weekend on the Sursee campus.

Arrival and swimming in the 50m Olympic pool

The arrival took place on Friday evening, when moving into the room it was immediately clear that the ways on the ultra-modern campus are rather long and steep - Hill Reps on the way to food and the swimming pool were guaranteed. To get in the mood, the first swimming training under the direction of coach Cristian took place ... anyone who knows his training can imagine what was hidden behind the "relaxed start". Saturday morning also started with swimming - although many athletes had to be looked after at the same time, everyone received training tailored to their needs - from technical tips to high intensities, everyone was optimally challenged and looked after. We are happy to have such a good swimming coach in our club!

Running technique and segment hunting

The external running trainer Sascha Wenzel optimized the running technique of the athletes in an intensive technical training session on Saturday. After lunch there was a session that guaranteed sore muscles - mountain sprints on the bike! After a relaxed run-in round, 10 hill repeats stood on the "Sursee House Hill" - two athletes were able to secure places in the top 5 of the Strava segment list of the best! The short open water swim in Lake Sempach could then pass as a cool down.

Mental training and bike ride in the best weather

On Saturday evening, the rather tired athletes came to the gym for mental training. Under the guidance of Kai Sikorski, some boundaries were pushed and new levels of relaxation reached. An interesting seminar! After a final swim training session, Sascha Wenzel chased the athletes down the fin track at individually tailored intervals. A bike ride in fantastic weather rounded off the training weekend. There remain exhausted but happy triathletes and a lot of anticipation for the next time!

The exciting program was put together, coordinated and planned by our great sports director Arnaud ... thanks a million for the organization!


Fabio Keller