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by | 7 Jun 2021

Evil Eleven: turn 11 into 8 😉

The event was still under scrutiny on Thursday, on the one hand because the planned tour with 260km and almost 5000m of altitude difference should lead over the Pragelpass and the weather forecast looked rather gloomy. Unfortunately we learned this week that the winter closure will continue for a long time due to the thick snow cover. Since those registered were motivated to drive and there were 1 out of 5 weather models that were not so bad at least in the morning, we decided on a shortened route without the Pragelpass. At 6:00 am, everyone was actually at the Bürkliplatz for the start. We then drove off until Peter and didn't notice after 500m: “oups we are alone”. The other one was repairing from the first (and only) flat tire of the day. After the second tube, this time with a long valve to match the rims, the mechanics were successful and off we went. We drove to Triemli and up to Waldegg as a little warm up, followed by Buchenegg and Albispass, all dry with a little fog on top. The next difficulty was the “Legends of Power” segment (16% on the 410m) to get from Sihlbrugg to the Hirzel. This almost cost the co-guide Pascal his chain. Everyone was able to overcome this too and we drove down to Pfäffikon (SZ) to tackle the first really difficult climb of the day: The Etzel with 4.8 km and an average of 11%. When everyone was up, Nicholas decided to slowly roll back to Zurich because he couldn't anymore. The remaining 5 drove towards Sihlsee and then via Euthal to Ibergeregg where the well-deserved coffee, cola, cheesecake, nut and almond sticks were waiting for us, and somehow only for us because in the last third of the sky, unfortunately, according to plan, we decided to refresh. So we were happy about the latest opening of the interior areas of the restaurants. The weather radar left little hope of a short-term improvement, rather the opposite. So we made sure that after we were all fed we quickly make our way. Downhill and in the next mountain (Sattelegg) we still had a good shower. Under these conditions, Vorder Höhi from Amden would have been too dangerous because of the descent and we decided to head home. In Hombrechtikon the rain stopped for a moment and Pascal and Giorgio immediately thought about a detour via Schwägalp! This idea was quickly discarded with the plan to only drive over the pan handle to get to 8 and take the remaining 3+ Pragel on one of the next trips on the program. In the end there were 8 mountains, 3200 meters of altitude, and about 180km. 6 hours dry and 3 hours continuous rain. The Evil Explorers were: Rachel, Peter, Nicholas, Pascal, Giorgio and Arnaud.