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by | 7 Jun 2021

Coffee trip to Lake Constance on Saturday May 22nd

Here is the report on today's trip with photos. Like the trip itself a little longer than usual:  

Early on Saturday morning all registered plus 2 more are ready punctually at 8:30 in front of the train station in Nänikon to cope with the planned 170km to Lake Constance and back. The field is very busy with recreational athletes, Triathlon Club Zürich'ler and Friends. We start happily. It's still a little fresh but already dry, it will stay that way until the evening. After 4 km I hear a scream behind me “Flatfoot!” that leads to the first unexpected break in Gutenswil (we almost went to Uwe for breakfast). There is a short interlude as a technique training on the topic “How do I change a hose ...”. During this we experience a mini fall (without consequences) and soon we will be on the road again. Unfortunately, it takes no more than a kilometer for history to repeat itself. The mechanics had worked too fast and the hose jammed :-(. So there is a new attempt that is successful this time. Now we can really start. We drive towards Kohlbrunn and then Sirnach and Wil. Our mountain kings Pascal and Stephan U. give steam at every hill to be the first at the top and then kindly meet the rest of the group to ride the ascent again. Some never have enough vertical meters. Between Wil and Gossau part of the group drives faster and 3 no one stays behind You have to drive alone. But as you know who “doesn't know the way, drives behind the guide” and suddenly the fast group came back from behind to the 3 slow ones again 😉 Unfortunately Pascal had already started the race to catch up and was unconsciously all alone in front Thanks to share location on Whatsapp, we can solve the situation and drive to Sankt Gallen together r through the middle of Sankt Gallen with traffic lights, trams, sausage stands, etc ... We are almost renamed as color-blind athletes 😉 We still get through the city safely and everyone is enjoying the long descent to the Tiki beach bar in Goldach. (Of course with the ulterior motive - S ... we have to go up again). Arrived at the lake punctually at 12:00 the bar is very hip as announced by Dani (only the dancing girls are missing, but there was ham and cheese toast 😉). We sit Corona conform in 3 groups with a maximum of 4 and chat about Gigathlon, Lake Constance tour, crossing and other sporting plans. Since I don't want to drive through the city again, I use my Strava app and look for a route that bypasses it. It works quickly. I even give the group 4-500 free hm! After everyone was fed again. we start again, in the end the way back is over the Sterneberg and Dürstelen. After about 10km, the feared news of every guide comes on the Garmin: “Off Course”. That's stupid because Strava unfortunately chose a gravel route through the forest. After a short discussion about 5 phones with 8 apps. we agree on a path over the Appenzell which rewards us with Hm, sun and beautiful views. Thanks to the cooperation of the whole groups, we come back to the original route almost behind Sankt Gallen. The next km are characterized by strong headwinds and the 8 remaining (2 have chosen alternative routes) organize a Belgian circle to get through the wind. That pays off and we then reach the 3 remaining climbs of the day together. The hardest is the ascent to Sternenberg via Fischingen / Au with an initial ramp of 2-3 km with 10-12%. Still accompanied by the sun, we meet at the top for the descent to Saland and the last ascent towards Dürstelen. After that, it's only uphill to Nänikon. In the end, everyone is happy from the ride despite 182km and 2600m altitude difference (without the journey) and are already curious about the next one that is sure to come. One possibility could be Evil Eleven on 5/6. June be. The brave, persevering Gümmeler were: Dani B., Dani H., Stephan Z., Stephan U., Uwe, Andreas, Peter, Pascal, Enrico and Arnaud. Thanks to everyone for taking part and for the support. Have a good rest and see you soon.