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by | 7 Jun 2021

Oberland Tour with Freizeitsportler.ch and Sc Egg

Today the five of us started again under a clear blue sky at the station in Uster. (First of all, 5 arrived together this time!) After a short confusion (the guide doesn't have his GPS under control) whether we should drive clockwise or counterclockwise, we decide to orientate ourselves on the advertised route and Stephan helps with his internal GPS to navigate the uplands. So we arrive at the Bichelsee via the Wildberg. From there it goes to the first ascent of the day of the Sitzberg which we all master and then we drive down again in the direction of Fischingen to then tackle Hulftegg. In Mühlrüti we fill up with water, but we trust 2 local people that it is drinkable despite the sign. On the way up we are overtaken by all motorbike drivers - including e-bikes - and racing cars - including at least one Ferrari. On the way down to Steg we cross a group with 50 Vespas who also use the weather for an excursion. The first dessert is waiting from Gibswil. We drive up to Ghöch on the newly paved road. Then, according to the Strava route, all Hm would be overwhelmed but Stephan prevails and leads us to the second dessert via Dürstelen. From then on it's just a mountain down to Uster, where we spontaneously decide to enjoy the best coffee in town at the Powerlab with a Gato de Almendra (greetings to Reni and Rachel who are currently in Mallorca).   

The 5 Gümmeler of the day were: Peter, Uwe, Stephan, Pascal, Arnaud