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by | 7 Jun 2021

Stanserhorn Mountain Run on Thursday, June 3rd.

Three brave men met on Thursday, June 3rd. done together to make good use of the Corpus Christi holiday in the short term.
The plan was quickly there to conquer the Stanserhorn with running shoes.
Packed with spare clothes, water and motivation, it went straight to the point.
12 km with 1400 m ascent was on the program.

The first few meters in altitude were completed on solid ground before we soon started on hiking trails towards the ridge.
It was humid and hot, the 2 liters of water that Andreas had with him in the Cambelbak turned out to be gold in the end ... 🙂

We got higher and higher through forests, meadows, stony paths and remaining snowfields towards the ridge, where the last tough ascent demanded everything from us.

As the crowning glory, we were rewarded with sun, coffee and a view of the mountains and the plains. On a clear day, up to 10 Swiss lakes and 100 km of alpine panorama can be seen.

A good 2 liters of water per person were required for the 12 km. Which in the end also took a lot of time.

Pascal Linder, Andreas Kirchberg and Dani Huber were there