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by | 3 Oct 2021

Winter bike training on Zwift

Dear TCZ people   

This winter the TCZ is breaking new ground in bike training. I would like to organize a Zwift Meetup every two weeks from mid-November! Optionally, you can chat a little in the parallel zoom call. One hour interval training is planned on Monday evening.

How does it work?

  • Send a Email to info@tcz.ch, if you basically interest have and want to be invited. Please give yours Name and the name you are registered with on Zwift at. You can also reach me this way for questions about Zwift in general, if you are not already using it.
  • I will invite you to a meetup. To do this, you have to im Zwift friends with me be.
  • If you are a Received invitation for a specific appointment at Zwift, accept so that you can join the workout.
  • You will also receive a link for a zoom call about "suffering" together on the mountain

We look forward to many of you participating!

Your board of directors

Ann-Katrin Kuzmenko