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von | 8 Nov 2023

TCZ Bike Rides 2024

Hi all

Unfortunately our bike coach Rachel decided to resign at the end of this season due to lack of time and the wish to follow other projects. We thank Rachel for many epic and unforgettable rides and for bringing more cake, gelato and coffee into the bike rides!

Luckily we have many motivated members who want to be active in the club, this gave us the opportunity to draft a new setup for the bike rides next year.

Our bike coach team from 2024 will consist of Sandra Buhr, Cora Drimus and Stefan Zumbrunn, thank you so much for volunteering!

Our goal is to make the TCZ rides attractive to members of all levels. Therefore we will have rides that explicitly target inexperienced road bikers or those who want to do an easy ride. The routes will not be too long, technically easy and at a slower or moderate pace. These rides will be guided by Sandra and Cora.

Stefan will focus on longer, more challenging rides at a higher pace.

Soon the three coaches will launch a survey to find out what the members needs and preferences are exactly. 

We hope that the new concept will make the rides attractive to a wider range of members.

The group decided to send Sandra to take over Rachels seat in the TCZ “board”. The official election will take place at our General Assembly. 

Looking forward to the bike season 2024!

Ann-Katrin Kuzmenko